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Forensic Psychiatry

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Theodore “Ted” Dake, Jr MD, is a highly experienced 40 years Clinical Neuropsychiatrist, Aviation Medicine Specialist and a decorated former USAF combat fighter pilot/ flight surgeon who is a veteran of two wars. Also, Dr. Dake is a currently active, high flying time, Commercial Pilot and aircraft owner who has vast experience in the Aviation Field. He is a seasoned Expert Witness with an outstanding ability to explain complex medical-legal forensic issues in an understandable and believable manner. Dr Dake is Board Certified in both Psychiatry and Forensic Medicine. He has been awarded Fellowship Status in Psychiatry, Aerospace Medicine and Forensic Medicine. He is a formally trained expert witness who presents a mature, professional, likeable “easy going” style with a confident and comfortable courtroom presence. His case testimony is Honest, Genuine and Truthful. YOU can trust his traditional TEXAS approach. Review his UNIQUE BIO/CV then give him a call with what you’ve got—-the first hour is FREE.

Education & Licenses

BA, MD, Commercial Pilot, Concealed Handgun, Medical Licensed: Texas, Florida & California, Driver License Texas