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Vocational Rehabilitation

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Certified vocational rehabilitation counselor with expert knowledge of forensic vocational evaluation and job placement of individuals with disabilities. Liability examinations, job training and career services for injured workers. Expert knowledge of vocational diagnostic evaluation and academic testing. Job development and work readiness training for injured job seekers (including those referred by the State Office of Vocational Rehabilitation, Federal Workers Compensation and Department of Veterans Affairs). Specialize in Traumatic Brain Injury and Spinal Cord Injury populations. Expert in in both ADA employment and ADA academic accommodations and modifications. Knowledge of Workers Compensation and Social Security Disability benefits. Occupational determinations based on job analysis and classification of skill sets. Transferable skills analysis and job modifications for injured workers and students. Specialize in forensic evaluations of post concussion syndrome, post traumatic stress disorder, amputations, trauma/crush injuries and falls. Hospital and medical records review: including asbestos exposure, lead and carbon monoxide poisoning. Vocational recommendations and determinations based on disability and local job market trends.

Education & Licenses

Master's Rehabilitation Counseling; Certified Rehabilitation Counselor; Provisional