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Computer Forensics

Expert Witness Profile

20+ years of court-related and public advocacy work as an expert witness on computer and engineering matters including: investigative casework, reviews, analysis; written reports, sworn affidavits, inputs on briefs; depositions and courtroom testimony; presentations at municipal, county, state and federal hearings and trials. Fluency in reading and describing software code and circuit diagrams. Especially skilled with obtaining eDiscovery items that opposition has not revealed. Primary areas of focus: criminal defense, computer intellectual property, digital multimedia, elections, cybersecurity, standards compliance. Excellent written and verbal skills. Author of 50+ technical papers. Strong ability to sway public opinion. Quoted extensively in commercial, trade and academic press.

Education & Licenses

Ph.D. and Master of Science in Engineering, University of Pennsylvania, School of Engineering and Applied Science; Master of Science in Computer Science, Drexel University