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Failure Analysis (Engineering)

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Joseph Quinn, MS, PE, is a Registered Professional Engineer in Metallurgical Engineering in 7 states with a Model Law Engineer (MLE) designation and has provided over 1,000 Failure Analysis investigations on metallic and non-metallic (glass, plastic, rubber, and composite) materials or products in products liability litigation, subrogation cases, insurance claims and industrial incidents.

Mr. Quinn provides metallurgical and materials consultation, expert witness testimony, and forensic failure analysis for civil litigation (with retentions by defendants and plaintiffs). He has received awards in the International Metallographic Contest; has conducted several presentations on metallurgical engineering and failure analysis subjects at universities, ASM meetings, and industry events; and is active in technical societies and committees.

His areas of expertise include products involved in water loss, fire & explosions, accidents, as well as other forensic investigations; and material failures due to abuse/misuse, application, design, environment, fabrication, installation, maintenance, manufacturing, and processing.