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Dr. Greenstone's expertise reflects his work as the Director of Psychological Services for the Fort Worth Police Department, a therapist, a professor, an author, a police officer, a mediator and negotiator, and as a consultant. The field of Crisis Intervention has been his focus and he has written and published in this area. As a police officer, Dr. Greenstone worked extensively in the field of hostage and crisis negotiations and is a trained hostage negotiator. He is knowledgeable about negotiator training, current practices, and dealing with suicidal and barricaded subjects, Also he has expertise in negotiations techniques, team development, and team and negotiator interactions with police tactical units.

He has participated in numerous hostage, barricaded and suicidal situations, and has practical experience in all aspects of hostage and crisis negotiations team functioning. For many years, he trained most of the police negotiators in the North Texas area. He has trained many negotiators and crisis interveners both nationally and internationally.

Police hostage negotiations; Crisis Intervention; Police Psychology; Police practices and policy; Police training; Alternate dispute resolution, mediation and arbitration; Workplace violence. Extensive experience with plaintiff and defendant cases in multiple areas of expertise. Ten years, Director of Psychological Services, Fort Worth Police Department, Fort Worth, Texas, Supervisor, Peer Support Team and Critical Incident Stress Management Program. Hostage and Crisis Negotiations Team member and mental health consultant. Fifty-five years private practice. Forty-three years police and hostage negotiations experience. Editor-in-Chief Emeritus, Journal of Police Crisis Negotiations (an international journal published by Haworth Press, Inc.). Formerly, Editor-in-Chief, Emotional First Aid: Journal of Crisis Intervention. Author, The Elements of Police Hostage and Crisis Negotiations, and On Policing: From Swords into Plowshares, and The Courage to Commit. Currently, Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Police Emergency Response.

Education & Licenses

BA, Psychology; MS, Clinical Psychology; EdD, Education and Psychology; AAS, Criminal Justice; BSL, Law; JD, Law; Internship in Clinical Psychology, Devereux Foundation; Emergency Medical Technician, Basic and Tactical; Advanced Training, Harvard Law School