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Crime Scene Investigation/Reconstruction

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George Schiro is a forensic scientist with over 30 years experience. He has been court qualified as an expert in crime scene investigation/reconstruction, DNA analysis, shoeprint identification, bloodstain pattern interpretation, latent fingerprint development, serology, forensic science, trajectory reconstruction, fracture match analysis, and hair comparison. He has qualified over 200 times in 31 Louisiana parish courts, two Louisiana city courts, U.S. Court-Martial, federal court, and county courts in 12 other states. He has also consulted on cases in 30 states, for the United States Army and Air Force, New Zealand, Panama, and the United Kingdom. Throughout his career he has worked over 4000 cases.

Education & Licenses

BS- Microbiology; MS- Industrial Chemistry, Forensic Science; Certificate of Professional Competency in Criminalistics issued by the American Board of Criminalistics, specialty area: Molecular Biology