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Traffic Accident Analysis

Expert Witness Profile

Chris Kinzel serves as Vice-president of a 45-person engineering firm conducting traffic planning; traffic and parking studies; traffic design of roads, intersections, traffic signals and interchanges; municipal traffic engineering; and expert witness. In 35+ years of expert witness work he has had about 200 cases related to traffic accidents - signing and pavement marking analysis, geometric roadway design, pedestrian accidents, sight distance issues, traffic and parking circulation in parking lots, construction zone accidents, etc. He also has prepared traffic analyses for eminent domain cases - usability of remaining property, access requirements, and related.

Some employment history includes 8 years as the Assistant County Traffic Engineer for the County of Fresno, 5 years as the City Traffic Engineer for the City of Hayward, 39 years as President and Founder of TJKM Transportation Consultants and 5 years as Vice-President of TJKM, currently working full time.

Mr. Kinzel is very comfortable with research, investigation, deposition and trial testimony.

Education & Licenses

* B.S. Civil Engineering, Fresno State University, 1960
* M.S. Transportation, University of California, Berkeley, 1966
* Registered Civil Engineer, California, 1965
* Registered Traffic Engineer, California, 1975