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Forensic Engineering

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WDP & Associates provides forensic engineering, expert witness, and litigation support services for structural system failures, building envelope performance failures, geotechnical-related issues and construction disputes. We have been engaged for both plaintiffs and defendants on cases and projects located throughout the U.S.

WDP & Associates' qualified experts are recognized for applying a high level of analytics as a result of their specialized advanced engineering education, deep engagement in Industry Codes and Standards development, and extensive prior experience. We are regarded as objective, thorough, and capable of communicating complex issues in simplified terms.

Founded in 1995 with offices in Virginia, South Carolina, and New York, WDP & Associates understands the importance of mobilizing a team quickly to gather time-sensitive forensic data. To aid in our investigations, we maintain specialized equipment that is calibrated in our accredited in-house laboratory. CAD is often used to illustrate and animate mechanisms of failure for explanation to clients and for exhibits for mediation, arbitration, or trials.

Education & Licenses

A.B.S. in Civil Engineering Technology, Florence Darlington Technical College, 1977
B.S. in Civil Engineering, Clemson University, 1979
M.S. in Civil Engineering, Clemson University, 1981
Ph.D. in Civil Engineering, Clemson University, 1983

WDP & Associates is licensed to work in:
* Alabama, California, Connecticut, DC, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, West Virginia