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Primary Area of Expertise
Emergency Nursing
Yolanda is an actively working Emergency Department Registered Nurse who has 25 years of Nursing experience. As a Legal Consultant / Nurse Expert, she can review cases to establish merit, do chronologies, research medical history, confirm if the Standards of Care were adhered to or deviated from, assist with questioning, depositions and trials and participate as needed in any medical or injury related case.

Yolanda is detail-oriented and as a chart is reviewed, correlations will be made between past visits and new events and care given about a hospital admission.

Be it medical malpractice, personal injury, workman's compensation or other medical related case, Plaintiff or Defense, Yolanda can be a productive part of your team. Call or email for more information.

Education & Licenses
Registered Nurse, Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Certified Emergency Nurse, Certified Legal Nurse Consultant