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Security Consulting
Russell Kolins has an impeccable track record as a nationally recognized expert in Security and Liquor Liability. He is Court Qualified as an Expert Witness for Negligent Security, Liquor Liability, Premises Liability, Bar/Nightclub Operations, Use of Force, Hospitality and Security Management. This designation was earned from decades of education, training and experience.

In more than 48 years as a practitioner, and 25 years providing expert counsel, Russ Kolins' clients have appreciated the benefits of successful results. His ability to connect the dots between his industry and legal principles is unique and unparalleled. Both plaintiff and defense attorneys consult with Russ.

Russ holds a Bachelor's Degree in Security Management. He is a graduate of the Indiana University Borkenstein Justice Institute for Alcohol Testing and Analysis for Litigation. He co-authored the Bouncers Law in Philadelphia and developed the certification curriculum for instructors and security personnel working in retail liquor establishments in Philadelphia.

 He has conducted numerous Risk and Vulnerability Assessments and Security Surveys, in addition to designing Security Programs for both hospitality and commercial business entities. He has streamlined individualized policies and procedures, developed training programs, and created innovative and effective protective measures for venues.

Russ has lectured extensively throughout the United States and is a certified instructor in Training for Intervention Procedures (TIPS), the nationally accepted responsible alcohol management program.

Kolins Security Group has expanded to a comprehensive team of nine nationally-recognized, court-certified security experts. Our vast wealth of practical, hands on experience, depth of knowledge and skill, extensive education and training has helped numerous clients find the truth and achieve positive legal results. Please visit to learn more.

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